From the poster for "Seret Aravit" (Arab Movie).
Arts & CultureWeekend Edition

We speak to the writer of “Seret Aravit” (Arab Movie), which swept up a Best Documentary Award at the recent DocAviv Festival.

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Talmud study. Credit: Zoltan Kluger/GPO/Getty Images.
Politics & SocietyThe Tel Aviv Review

While a glance at the current Israeli government might refute any notion that Jews are “smarter” than other groups, is there something in it?

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Politics & SocietyWeekend Edition

Host Ilene Prusher brings you highlights from some of the most important, interesting, or even absurd stories that came out of Israel this week.

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Prime Minister Menachem Begin (L) and Knesset Speaker Yitzhak Shamir, 1979. Credit: Ya'acov Sa'ar, GPO.
Politics & SocietyThe Promised Podcast

The children of a generation of right-wingers who were cruelly excluded from the institutions of the state when it was finally established.

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