Beyond the Whirling Dervish: Sufism in the Holy Land – Out of the Comfort Zone



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This week, we explore the mystical world of Sufism and its followers in Israel, Palestine and the wider Middle East. Sufism – a particularly spiritual dimension of Islam – has a small but a significant following here.

  • We travel to Old City Jerusalem to meet the followers of an Afghani Sufi group.
  • Prof Itzchak Weismann from the University of Haifa talks us through the history of Sufis in the Holy Land and explains their situation in the present day.
  • We then hear from Ora Balha, a dancer and a teacher who performs the Whirling of the Dervish dance in Jaffa
  • We talk to Zeev Ben Ari, an expert on Sufism, a writer and a tour guide – and a whirling dervish himself.



Soof – Gil Ron Shama

Mercan Dede – Dream of Shams

The Beatles – ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’

Cunninlynguists – Guide You Through Shadows

Shye Ben Tzur – To Die in Love

Nazanin Afshin Jam – Goleh Sang


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