• As news of systematic spying by the American government on Israeli officials, fresh calls to free Jewish-American Jonathan Pollard, sentenced for life in the 1987 on charges of espionage.
    • Jeff Daube, director of the Israel office of the Zionist Organization of America, on why the struggle for Pollard’s release has nothing to do with the recent leak.
  • The Speaker of the Knesset has turned down a request to allow a Christmas tree inside the Israeli parliament building.
    • Hana Swaid, the Hadash MK who made the request, on why it could have been a symbol of multiculturalism and the freedom of religion in Israel
  • In the wake of the extensive debate on the close cooperation between Israel and the South African apartheid regime, it has now emerged that Nelson Mandela was trained by Mossad in the early 1960s.
    • David Fachler, an independent scholar, on how the document that he unveiled contributes to the complexity of Mandela as a historical figure
  • Is it not safe to walk down the street in Israel anymore? A day after a Tel Aviv bus sustained a terror attack, another bombing, this time planted by gangsters, injured passers-by in Rehovot.
    • Ben Hartman, crime reporter for the Jerusalem Post and host TLV1’s Reasonable Doubt, on why we sometimes need to be patient in face of this ongoing gang war
  • Israeli airlines have resumed flights to Turkey after an almost six-year hiatus.
    • Aharon Lapidot, deputy director of Israel Hayom newspaper and aviation expert, on why this is one of the few places where politics and security didn’t mix
  • Thousands of letters written by Jewish families torn by the Second World War have been kept in the attic of a Swiss woman.
    • Prof. Deborah Dwork, a historian at Clark University, on Elisabeth Luz, a wartime-era social network of sorts.


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