To swap or not to swap: A brief history of terrorist kidnappings in Israel



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Since Israeli teens Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah, and Gil-Ad Shaer were kidnapped on June 12th, exigent moral questions for Israeli society and government have been raised. Among the most difficult of them is whether to release convicted terrorists in exchange for the kidnap victims. The moral calculations involved in making such a trade are not new to Israel. But whatever the outcome of the current kidnapping situation, it carries grave political implications for Israel and the Palestinians, particularly if Hamas is the perpetrator.

Weighing in on this issue are:

  • Hamas expert Prof. Meir Litvak of Tel Aviv University
  • Lt. Col. Meir Indor (ret.), Head of Almagor Terror Victims Association
  • Shimshon Liebman, manager of the Free Gilad Shalit campaign


Photo: After landing in an IDF base, Gilad Shalit is reunited with his father (R) in October 2011

Produced by Shoshi Shmuluvitz

Technical Producers: Tammy Goldenberg, Udi Erlich, Sagi Gorali Ventura

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