Producer Tomer Gershenman and host Hagay Hacohen dip the pierogi in the hummus bowl and bring you the latest tastes and sounds of Jewish life in Poland and beyond:

For the past few decades non-Jewish Poles and Jewish activists in Poland sought to escape the specter of the Holocaust and re-create the ties between Jewish civilization and Polish society. The annual Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is a case in point – and an immensely successful one – attracting more than 30,000 visitors and featuring high-profile guests from numerous countries including Israel, the United States, and Poland. It seeks to explore the latest trends in Jewish culture, in the largest sense possible, and celebrate the centuries-old legacy of Jewish life in Poland, culminating in the Jewish renaissance of the post-Communist era.


In this special report, Hagay Hacohen speaks to the founder and director of the Krakow Jewish Festival Janusz Majuch, learns about a very special Jewish wedding ceremony from the head of the JCC in Krakow Jonathan Orenstein and about the revival some unlikely aspects of Jewish folklore from Dr Erica Lehrer. Also in this show are the confessions of non-Jewish activist Weronica Suchudolska and the groovy beats of Yemenite and Mizrachi funk music by Liron Amram and Israeli rapper and producer Michael Cohen.


Born in Israel, Hagay Hacohen spent more than five years in Poland, where he covered Jewish life and Polish-Jewish relations there. His work appeared on Polish Radio External Service, Haaretz newspaper and Israel’s Channel 10.


Photo by Weronika Suchodolska