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Host Guy Sharett is off for the holiday and our studio feels pretty empty without him, so we’re re-broadcasting a fitting oldie. The word “miss” has many meanings in English: You can miss a bus, a lesson, miss someone, miss the point, and much more. Hebrew does not use one verb for all of the above, and some acrobatics is needed. Guy explains.

Words and expressions discussed:

I miss you – Ani mitga’a’gea eleycha/elayich – אני מתגעגע אלייך

Pashut lehitga’ge’a – Just to miss, to long for – פשוט להתגעגע

Hitga’gati az bati – I had a longing, so I came by – התגעגעתי אז באתי

Hitga’aganu elayich – We missed you (f.) – התגעגענו אלייך

Techsar lanu, techsari lanu, techsaru lanu – We’ll miss you – תחסר לנו/תחסרי לנו/תחסרו לנו

Chaser – Missing – חסר

Ata po chaser li – You’re missed by me here – אתה פה חסר לי

Lehachsir shi’urim – To miss lessons – להחסיר שיעורים

Hichsarta harbe shi’urim – You missed many lessons – החסרת הרבה שיעורים

Chisur/im – Absence/s – חיסור/ים

Yesh lecha harbe chisurim – You’ve got many absences – יש לך הרבה חיסורים

Fisfasta et ha-otobus – You missed the bus – פספסת את האוטובוס

Fisfasta – You missed out – פספסת

Fisfasnu echad et hasheni/Hiftasfasnnu – We missed each other – פספסנו אחד את השני / התפספסנו

Eize fisfus – What a bummer (too bad this opportunity was missed) – איזה פספוס

Mashehu hitfasfes – Something went wrong – משהו התפספס

Hichmatsti, lehachmits – I missed/To miss (an event) – החמצתי, להחמיץ

Hachmatsa – A missed opportunity – החמצה

Ata mefasfes et ha-nekuda – You’re missing the point – אתה מפספס את הנקודה

Asur lehachmitz, al tachmitsu, lo lefasfes – You can’t miss it – אסור להחמיץ, אל תחמיצו, לא לפספס

Ani mevateret al ha-chagiga – I am giving the party a miss – אני מוותרת על החגיגה

Nire’e li she-ani mevater – I think I am going to give it a miss – נראה לי שאני מוותר

Kimat ve-nifga – A near miss – כמעט ונפגע

Lo hifsadta harbe – You didn’t miss much – לא הפסדת הרבה

Hifsadtem! – You guys missed out! – !הפסדתם



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    January 15, 2017 at 6:46 am — Reply

    Hi Guy. I enjoyed this podcast. Great idea to write the expressions in transliterated Hebrew! this makes it all so much simpler.
    I just would like to add the word GAAGUIM , like Gaaguim le Tzion. I am Brazilian, Portuguese is my native language and we always hear that Portuguese is the only language that has this beautiful word “saudades”, which means longing, a strong longing for someone you miss – stronger that “I miss” . But gaaguim is exactly the same, right?
    Todá rabá – ha kol tuv lechá

  2. Guy Sharett
    January 16, 2017 at 8:56 am — Reply

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Isa, toda!

    Sounds as if gaaguim and saudades are the same, but we need a genuine bilingual Portuguese-Hebrew speaker to tell us whether it’s right.

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