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In honor of the celebration of love, we’re re-upping one of Guy’s first episodes. It’s about relationships – with all the magic and the mess. Guy teaches us some Hebrew phrases to help communicate with our beloved partners.

Words and expressions discussed:
Tafur – sewn – תָּפוּר
Ani lo zamin – I am not available – אֲנִי לֹא זָמִין
Panuy – vacant/available – פָּנוּי
Ha’manuy eino banuy le’ahava – the subscriber isn’t built for love – הַמָּנוּי אֵינוֹ בָּנוּי לאֲהָבָה
Sichat yachaseinu le’an – conversation on where this relationship is going – שִׂיחַת יחָסֵינוּ לְאַן

Moshik Afia, Ani lo zamin (lyrics)
Chen Aharoni, Tafur aleyha (lyrics)
Dani Robas, Ze lo ani (lyrics)



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