Full Show

The “Peace Happens” Edition

Former First Minister Peter Robinson and Rev. Gary Mason discuss what they think Israelis and Palestinians can learn from Northern Ireland. Then Rabbi, MK and Minister Michael Melchior explains why he believes religion is not a barrier to peace between Jews and Palestinians

The “Love’s ‘lections Lost” Edition

We discuss 1) what it may mean that rabbis did not protest the passage of a very liberal abortion law 2) whether we need more professorial types in politics 3) why Israeli parents are so unworried about dangers facing their kids out and about in the world

The “Gaga for the GA!” Edition

We discuss 1) Why have we Jews started to surveil and troll each other when we disagree about Israel? 2) Is it time to stick a fork in “Jewish Values”? 3) Are efforts to de-zionize Jewish culture a cause for celebration or mourning?

The “Salts of the Earth” Edition

We discuss 1) the enthusiasm polled for Lt. General Benny Gantz, who may soon be one of Israel’s most powerful politicians 2) the celebrity wedding between a Muslim news anchor and a Jewish actor 3) plans to create “Jerusalem 2.0”

The “Jewesses Packing Heat” Edition

We discuss 1) a report revealing that 32% of elderly Israelis report frequent or occasional feelings of loneliness 2) how there’s something majorly messed up about how men think about Jewish women (especially those with guns) 3) whether it’s really so great a thing for Tel Aviv-Jaffa to be hosting the expensive, disruptive Eurovision next May

The “Being Mayor is Tough!” Edition

We discuss 1) the new Palestinian Authority school curriculum, which has been criticized for being heavy on radical Islamism 2) whether Israeli Modern Orthodoxy is becoming more moderate or more zealously immoderate 3) why it is so damn hard for Israeli women to advance in local politics

The “Israel, Encapsulated” Edition

We 1) rebroadcast a conversation with the brilliant writer Etgar Keret and the wonderful Ilene Prusher 2) speculate about what we would send up in a time capsule, to teach eager aliens everything they need to know about Earth’s only Jewish State.

The “Oslo at 25” Edition

We discuss 1) our dashed hopes that the Oslo Peace Process would end a century of conflict 2) a new IDF plans to draft some soldiers for up to 8 years and others just a year 3) a new Hebrew U plan to require all students to pass a course in “entrepreneurship & innovation”

The “Yesterday and Today” Edition

We discuss 1) a survey of the religiosity of Knesset members 2) what’s changed in Israel over the past decades, and 3) for Yom Kippur, what have been our greatest political sins of the past year.

The “Another Year” Edition

We discuss 1) the Trump administration’s decision to no longer fund UNRWA 2) a shocking 1,150% growth in homeschooling over the past decade 3) the most monumental events and noteworthy people and events of the past year.