Full Show

The “Simulacrum and Dissimulation” Edition

We discuss 1) an Instagram Story reconstructing what it would have been like if a girl in the Holocaust had Instagram 2) a commercial for a big-box discount supermarket that presents Ashkenazi “wholesalers” as heartless oppressors of Mizrahim 3) the strange list of honorees chosen to light torches at the official Independence day ceremony

The “What, We Worry?” Edition

We discuss 1) whether it’s time for the Jewish left and the Arab left to join together 2) the brouhaha in the AIS about a new journal issue that some consider unscholarly and too pro-Israel 3) a recent poll that found Israelis to be less concerned about climate change and other global threats than anyone else in the world

“The Young and the Feckless” Edition

We discuss 1) why Israeli young people are more right wing than their elders 2) Peter Beinart’s conclusion that the lesson of the last election is that the time has come to make Israelis suffer for our sins 3) what Exodus story we plan to tell our kids this Passover

The “Deep Breath” Edition

We discuss 1) the election results and what they mean 2) whether it’s time to consider the sane-ish right and the center joining forces to form a gov without the most extreme of the extremists 3) as we on the left lose election after election, how are we supposed to keep getting out of bed in the morning?

The “Bullets, Ballots and Breastbeating” Edition

We discuss 1) our near-stumble into war and whether the upcoming elections affected Bibi’s response 2) what we make of the election campaign that has so many of us scratching our heads 3) an angry essay by an Israeli poet, listing all he is ashamed of here

The “Crossing Lines” Edition

We discuss 1) Trump’s proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan 2) A video by Bernie Sanders applauding his opposition to the “apartheid-like conditions in Palestine” 3) The Gesher Party, which may be king-makers after the votes are counted in these elections.

The “Château Latour” Edition

We discuss 1) why the Labor Party is defaming centrist Blue & White Party as stooges of the right 2) whether a key to understand Israel today is to see that it is increasingly a “post-Secular” society 3) a new project to build a cable-car connecting Jewish West Jerusalem with the Wailing Wall

The “Banned on the Run” Edition

We discuss 1) the Central Election Committee’s decision to ban some parties from running for the Knesset while allowing others 2) the shocking popularity of a new libertarian party 3) why the Midburn festival has grown so popular and beloved so quickly.

The “Things Change (or They Don’t)” Edition

We discuss 1) why charges of bribery and breach of trust haven’t affected Bibi’s popularity 2) the rapid growth of Arabic-Hebrew bilingual, multicultural schools 3) the charges by an Israeli-American woman that 42 years ago a 17 year-old Benny Gantz sexually assaulted her.

The “With Us or Agin’ Us!” Edition

We discuss 1) whether the time has come to break the taboo against forming a coalition with Palestinian-Israeli parties 2) the campaign of the New Right Party 3) whether it’s right or not to help a friend move into a new apartments in a West-Bank settlement