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Under women’s wings: The architecture of the ‘ezrat nashim’ – The Tel Aviv Review

Adva Naama Baram talks about her new exhibition on the Israeli ‘ezrat nashim,’ and Prof. Shlomo Sand tells us why he stopped being a Jew.

The ‘doctors, lawyers, and rabbis’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don, and Noah talk about doctors getting political; lawyers rating judges; and El Al’s ultra-Orthodox seating arrangements.

Water laws in British-ruled Palestine: A case study – The Tel Aviv Review

Dr David Schorr speaks about the evolution of water laws in Mandate Palestine, and Dr Rachel Pear explains Jewish Orthodox attitudes to Darwinism.

Fear and loathing at the UN – The Promised Podcast‏

A tale of two speeches: Abbas and Netanyahu at the UN; Does the Supreme Court overreach?; Does Israel silence its dissenters?

Tortured by the State: Race and gender in contemporary Israel – The Tel Aviv Review

Host Gilad Halpern speaks to Prof. Smadar Lavie about race and gender in contemporary Israel, and to Dr. Eran Dorfman about keeping monotony at bay.

The death and life of the Left – The Promised Podcast‏

Who really killed the Israeli Left? Can the army smash class barriers in Israel? The Promised Podcast’s ‘year that was.’

“You say goodbye, and I say hello” – The Promised Podcast‏

Were the Unit 8200 ‘refuseniks’ right to break ranks?; Reasons to get the hell out of dodge; Reasons to make Aliyah.

Jews and words: A millennia-long love story – The Tel Aviv Review

Dr Fania Oz-Salzberger tells host GIlad Halpern about the book ‘Jews and Words,’ which she co-authored with her father Amos Oz, the famous Israeli novelist.

Acts of conscience, acts of love – The Promised Podcast‏

Host Noah Efron conducts a very special interview with a conscientious objector, and we pull together our favorite ‘Vatacountry’ segments.

A eulogy to a different kind of Zionism – The Tel Aviv Review

Host Gilad Halpern talks to Prof. Ofer Shiff about Abba Hillel Silver’s brand of Zionism; and to Naama Nagar about the 2011 global social protest movements.