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The “988 acres of land” edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: Why is the government expropriating land now? Why is Bibi’s popularity at home plummeting? Plus the “Annual State of the Schools” (ASS) assessment.

A time of harmonious coexistence: The Jews and Muslims of Tinghir – The Tel Aviv Review

Host Gilad Halpern talks to Prof. Menachem Hofnung about his project on Israel’s treatment of Arab informants over the years; and to the makers of the film ‘Tinghir-Jerusalem: Echoes from the Mellah.’

The ‘war’s end’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: Now the ceasefire’s signed, what the hell just happened? Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost? And is it time to eulogize liberal Zionism?

The ‘what now?’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Did the war addle our brains? Does a right-wing rabbi have the left’s number? What should left-wing activists do next?

The ‘one-and-a-half state’ solution – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether Bibi is too strong to make peace; whether women are relegated to the sidelines in times of war; and whether a Jewish and a Palestinian state could both exist within the same borders.

The ‘what’s the blockade about?’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

What is Israel’s embattled blockade on Gaza supposed to do, and what does it do in reality? What to make of Europe’s increasingly muscular anti-Zionist population? The Promised Podcast tries to make sense of it all.

The way the war ends – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Don and Noah discuss how the war can be brought to an end; whether too much Jewish-Israeli solidarity can be a bad thing; and whether Israel is held to an impossible double standard by the rest of the world.

The ‘asymmetrical’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Noah and Eilon discuss the asymmetry of this war, showing empathy for the other side and second thoughts on moving the family to Israel.

The ‘Better Times’ Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

With rockets and bombs still falling, we go back and remember things we love about day-to-day life in Israel.

Gimme Shelter – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Noah and special guest Miriam Herschlag discuss: Whether we have lost the moral high-ground; whether we can still plan for peace in our bomb shelters; and whether the social protests of three years ago had any effect.