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Learning to live independently with autism – Journeys

Walter Solomon tells Rogel Alpher his incredible family story: how his son learned to live independently with autism.

A lawyer who works for justice beyond the court – Journeys

Human rights lawyer and activist Emily Schaeffer has been a champion of the oppressed and under-privileged, fighting for various causes inside and outside the courtroom.

Drawing lines & drawing conclusions – The Promised Podcast‏

Why is the American Jewish Establishment keeping J-Street out of the club? And why are “alternative” ceremonies pissing off the Israeli Jewish establishment?

Politicizing, psychologizing & corporatizing – The Promised Podcast‏

Politicizing the Holocaust, psychologizing the Palestinian President and corporatizing Israeli school kid, oh my!

Rogel Alpher with conductor Gisele Ben-Dor — Journeys

Described by renowned critics as “a ferocious talent” and “a tremendous musician,” Uruguay-born orchestra conductor Gisele Ben-Dor has made a name for herself in what is still almost entirely a man’s world.

The secret life of Holocaust survivor Menachem Alter Einhorn — Journeys

Coming out of the ashes of the Holocaust, many survivors chose to leave their old lives behind and start anew. Menachem Alter Einhorn refused to do so. After the war ended, he desperately searched for his wife and children. But after coming to the conclusion that they’d been killed, he remarried and started a new family. As it turned out, he may have jumped the gun.

Shutting down, mouthing off & paying up – The Promised Podcast‏

Is the Palestinian Authority shutting down, mind-melding with Hamas, or what? Why does the new strongman Rabbi atop the ultra-orthodox Shas party think that all the rest of us are ignoramuses? Could it be, like the OECD claims, that Israel is “the land of low taxes”? Plus, the new album by indie demi-god Uzi Ramirez, on The Promised Podcast.

Peace, Prosperity and Philanthropy – The Promised Podcast‏

Should the IDF rely on donations to buy soldiers basic stuff like boots and socks? Is the peace process breathing its last? Should be we outraged that CEOs make 76 times what the rest of us make?

Rogel Alpher with Gilad Kahana of Girafot – Journeys

Wandering the streets of Tel Aviv is part of poet and singer-songwriter Gilad Kahana’s artistic process. Kahana discusses his life changing experiences, including an LSD trip which led him to become religious for a year and losing both his parents at an early age.

We Need the Bread, Man! – The Promised Podcast‏

Why do more than 900,000 Israelis go to bed hungry? Is there a “character problem” in Israeli politics? Should store shelves stock sourdough on Passover?