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The ‘war’s end’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: Now the ceasefire’s signed, what the hell just happened? Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost? And is it time to eulogize liberal Zionism?

The ‘what now?’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Did the war addle our brains? Does a right-wing rabbi have the left’s number? What should left-wing activists do next?

The ‘one-and-a-half state’ solution – The Promised Podcast‏

Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether Bibi is too strong to make peace; whether women are relegated to the sidelines in times of war; and whether a Jewish and a Palestinian state could both exist within the same borders.

The ‘what’s the blockade about?’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

What is Israel’s embattled blockade on Gaza supposed to do, and what does it do in reality? What to make of Europe’s increasingly muscular anti-Zionist population? The Promised Podcast tries to make sense of it all.

The way the war ends – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Don and Noah discuss how the war can be brought to an end; whether too much Jewish-Israeli solidarity can be a bad thing; and whether Israel is held to an impossible double standard by the rest of the world.

The ‘asymmetrical’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Noah and Eilon discuss the asymmetry of this war, showing empathy for the other side and second thoughts on moving the family to Israel.

The ‘Better Times’ Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

With rockets and bombs still falling, we go back and remember things we love about day-to-day life in Israel.

Gimme Shelter – The Promised Podcast‏

Ilene, Noah and special guest Miriam Herschlag discuss: Whether we have lost the moral high-ground; whether we can still plan for peace in our bomb shelters; and whether the social protests of three years ago had any effect.

Letters to a young cadet contemplating conscientious objection – The Promised Podcast‏

A 17-year-old asks if he should refuse IDF service in the territories and we try to answer. Also, should the center parties propping up Netanyahu cut it out? And are Israeli taxi drivers toast?

‘Sextremism’ in the war on patriarchy is no vice! – The Promised Podcast‏

Is it time to revive Israel’s vicious political debate? Is the great summer exodus a search for ‘normality’? Will Femen’s ‘free and fearless Amazons’ win Israeli hearts and minds?