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The Israeli who turned an entire nation on its head – The Tel Aviv Review

Dr Moshe Cohen-Gil talks about his new book “The Israelis who Wished to Cure the World,” which tells the story of the pioneers of alternative medicine in Israel.

Dining Out on Sacred Cow – The Promised Podcast‏

A Knesset member put forth a proposal to end the draft in favor of an all-volunteer army, but most Israelis are against it. Apart from the more practical considerations, canceling the draft would undermine Israeli society’s romantic and nationalistic image of the army as a melting pot and expression of citizenship.

Kids, try this at home: The formation of the Hebrew literary canon for children – The Tel Aviv Review

Prof. Yael Darr of the Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture at Tel Aviv University’s School of Cultural Studies and author of “Nation Building and the Hebrew Literary Canon for Children,” discusses the not-so-dogmatic indoctrination of Hebrew-speaking children in the 1930s-1950s.

For richer or poorer, for better or verse – The Promised Podcast‏

Is Tel Aviv winning the European basketball championship “proof that Zionism has failed?” Should the minimum wage be boosted by a third? Why is Israel awash with poetry? Plus, new searing protest music by David Broza!

Michael “Mikado” Warschawski: an Israeli anti-Zionist activist – Journeys

Veteran anti-Zionist activist Michael “Mikado” Warschawski tells us about the path that led him to radical social movement “Mazpen” and his work against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The conflict? There’s an app for that now – The Promised Podcast‏

An iPhone app that puts the dispossession of Palestinian homes and villages into your pocket? Declaring the Talmud as “the basis of the Israeli legal system”? Is Israel on the way to becoming ungovernable? All on this week’s Promised Podcast!

Why Israeli Americans should vote for the Democratic Party – Journeys

Sheldon Schorer: Jewish American voters need to grow up and recognize that Obama acts in Israel’s interests.

Learning to live independently with autism – Journeys

Walter Solomon tells Rogel Alpher his incredible family story: how his son learned to live independently with autism.

A lawyer who works for justice beyond the court – Journeys

Human rights lawyer and activist Emily Schaeffer has been a champion of the oppressed and under-privileged, fighting for various causes inside and outside the courtroom.

Drawing lines & drawing conclusions – The Promised Podcast‏

Why is the American Jewish Establishment keeping J-Street out of the club? And why are “alternative” ceremonies pissing off the Israeli Jewish establishment?