The Promised Podcast

Scenes from the Class Wars, Culture Wars, and Ideology Wars – The Promised Podcast

We discuss the election video posted by the Shomron Settlers’ Council, the Shas party’s class-orientated election campaign, and the Zoabi-Marzel saga.

The ‘Jumpin’ Hegemony’ Edition – The Promised Podcast

Why Mizrahim shun the Left; Why tourists are coming to Israel for the oppression; and is a state-funded Bible book club worth the money?

Poking Obama in the eye? – The Promised Podcast

We discuss PM Netanyahu’s decision to address the US Congress two weeks before Israeli elections; the V15 get-out-the-vote NGO; and Meretz’s Zahava Gal-On.

The “Hell is Other People” Edition – The Promised Podcast

We discuss an Israeli bookstore’s decision to cancel its Charlie Hebdo event; the merger of Israel’s Arab parties on a joint list; and negative campaigning.

The ‘Where are the Women?’ Edition – The Promised Podcast

We discuss the Labor primary results, the status of women in Israel, and the Foreign Ministry’s new propaganda video.

Gimme that ol’ time arrogance – The Promised Podcast

We discuss the reaction of Israel’s leaders to the Paris attacks, put the spotlight on Moshe Kahlon, and talk about Jewish Home’s view on same-sex marriage.

The “losing faith” edition – The Promised Podcast

Why Israel has frozen Palestinian funds; how Israelis are losing faith in their institutions; whether Israel’s democratic primaries are really democratic.

The “Crucial, last-chance, decisive watershed” edition – The Promised Podcast

Are these the most important elections in Israel’s history? What makes Naftali Bennett tick? Plus our ‘Person, Place or Thing of the Year.’

The “give peace a deadline” edition – The Promised Podcast

We discuss the Palestinian proposal that puts a deadline on peace, Eli Yishai’s new party, and an irking campaign promoting Shabbat observance.

The “e pluribus screw ’em” edition – The Promised Podcast‏

We discuss the coming together of the center-left parties, Moshe Feiglin’s odd amalgam of views, and whether ‘privatizing’ BDS is a good idea.