The Promised Podcast

Strange Bedfellows – The Promised Podcast‏

Shas leader Aryeh Dehri pledges to support Labor party head for Prime Minister: Time for the Left to pal up to the ultra Orthodox? Evangelical support for Israel is drying up: Should we lose sleep over it?

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Peace, Love & Understanding – The Promised Podcast‏

Former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren’s plans for unilateral withdrawal as a Plan B – What could possibly go wrong? This and more on the Promised Podcast!

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Screw You, Screw Them and Screw Us! – The Promised Podcast‏

Should Bibi say “Screw You” to the Likud, is a Knesset Committee saying “Screw You” to Haredim, and is the government saying “Screw You” to Israeli consumers?

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