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This is how women wage peace

The Women Wage Peace group held its official inaugural event last week, a remarkable train-caravan of 700 women to the embattled southern town of Sderot.

Equality enshrined?

Hilik Bar submitted a bill that would enshrine the language of equality in Israel’s Declaration of Independence as a Basic Law.

The pall of the poll

Israel’s last elections were in January 2013, and now, it seems, the smoke-filled rooms have spoken: We’ll be heading to the polls again very soon.

A ‘Likud’ for the Left?

Is it really possible for the entire center-left to join together into a single ‘super-party,’ as the center-right did in 1973 with the formation of’Likud?

Dodging ‘the second assault’

Miriam Shler discusses the disturbing case of the judge who refused to press charges against her rapist, avoiding what feminists call ‘the second assault.’

Much a-Jew about nothing

Could the ‘Jewish State’ bill help reaffirm the principle of national self-determination, or could it turn Israel into a discriminatory ethnocracy?

Coalition crises and stinking maneuvers

We all know the love is gone between Prime Minister Netanyahu and his coalition partners, but just how safe is Bibi?

Henry Kissinger’s “peace later”

In his acceptance speech for a recent award, Henry Kissinger said that Jews and Palestinians can’t settle their problems while the Mid-East is in disarray.

Squirmin’ on the Mount

The question of whether Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount has reentered public discourse since the shooting of Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

Why do guys get an icky charge from Jewesses with guns?


There is something majorly messed up about how men think about Jewish women and, especially, Jewish women with guns.

This is proved all too true today with a Girls-of-the IDF pinup calendar, and the icky charge guys get from Jewesses with Guns.


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