The Promised Podcast

The bio-matrix

Should Israel require citizens to swap out old-fashioned identify cards and passports for new “biometric” ones even if they are invasive on our privacy?

Coalition proposition disquisition

the dilemma facing opposition leader Isaac Herzog: Is opposition a form of perdition? Is joining the coalition electoral sedition demanding contrition?

So much to protest, so little protest music?

Whether, as one music critic has just written, Israeli pop music is hopelessly and cluelessly apolitical and navel-gazing.

Trailing off: Is hiking on the decline in the Holy Land?

We discuss whether Israel’s culture of hiking the land is as imperiled as the Zionist ethos that gave birth to it.

Fission indecision

We discuss how leftist Israelis ought to react to the framework agreement limiting Iran’s military nuclear program.

Why is this podcast different from all other podcasts?

What should we tell our kids about the meaning of the Exodus story now, in Israel of 2015?

Keeping the generals in their barracks

We discuss a recent petition saying that ex-generals are politicizing the army when they try to use their positions to influence Israeli politics.

How do you solve a problem like Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz showed love for Israel as he declared his candidacy for US Presidency. How does “Support Israel!” fit with “Ban Abortion!,” “Guns for All!,” & “Abolish the IRS!”?

Angry, angry Ashkenazim

We ask why one white leftist after another expresses crazy rage in crazy ways against the Mizrahi voters who came out to support Netanyahu.

“V” for “vanquished” (and you thought it was for “victory”!)

We discuss former defense minister Moshe Arens’ assertion that the left’s “anyone-but-Bibi” campaign is what cost them the election.