The Promised Podcast

Spotlight on Moshe Kahlon

Moshe Kahlon, the ‘Marx of the Mall’ and the darling of these elections: What makes him tick?

Gimme that ol’ time arrogance

We discuss the crass, ‘schadenfreude-ish’ response of Israel’s leaders to the Paris terror attacks.

Primary education: A lesson in democratic procedure

The recent Likud primary produced a list of candidates some have hailed as a great improvement (except for the obvious lack of female candidates).

Why Israelis are losing the faith

The Israel Democracy Institute’s annual report shows that Israelis are losing faith in all their institutions, save the army.

Analyzing Israel’s policy of ‘tax and shend’

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss the decision of the Israeli government to withhold half a billion shekels of Palestinian tax money.

The Promised Podcast’s Person, Place or Thing of the Year

Allison, Don, and Noah each present candidates for ‘Israeli person, place or thing of the year’ for each of two categories…

Israel’s ‘crucial, last-chance, decisive watershed’

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss the weird notion, asserted by politicians and pundits, that these elections are “the most important” in Israel’s history.

Shabbat Sha-shut-up!

Why did a campaign promoting Shabbat observance have everyone grousing and grumbling? Allison, Don, and Noah ask, what’s all the fuss about?