The Promised Podcast

Going hungry in Israel

As Passover approaches, a new report finds that almost a million Israelis are going hungry.

Playing with knives

Why do Israeli parents let their kids play with fire and rusty nails and take candy from strangers?

Trading Places

Is Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s proposal to exchange blocs of population sincere or mere smartassery?

How to keep Israeli social networks from becoming slimy

What can and should be done to prevent the unjust, inefficient, anti-meritocratic and patently slimy aspects of the tight-knittedness of Israeli social networks, without destroying the networks themselves?

Good Deeds Day inspires and nauseates

“Good Deeds Day” makes us want to adopt a puppy and, while we’re at at, vomit.

It’s quiz time! – Purim Special

It’s the first annual listener Purim Quiz on the Promised Podcast!

The forbidden love letter to Lapid

Why is MK Adi Kol is being crucified on Facebook for declaring undying love for her party chief, Yair Lapid?

Michael Oren’s “Plan B” for unilateral withdrawal – what could go wrong?

Former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren’s plans for unilateral withdrawal as a Plan B – What could possibly go wrong?

Screw You, Screw Them and Screw Us! – The Promised Podcast‏

Should Bibi say “Screw You” to the Likud, is a Knesset Committee saying “Screw You” to Haredim, and is the government saying “Screw You” to Israeli consumers?