The Promised Podcast

Jewish conversion rules are a’changing

Are the new rules about how conversions work in Israel a sign that the Rabbis’ grip is loosening?

Is Bibi rooting (too openly) for his American home team?

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s unmasked hope that Republicans capture the US Senate, and whether we won’t pay a price for his partisan enthusiasm.

The astounding wisdom of the Jewish people

The Yavne City Council just voted unanimously to begin work on a museum to be called ‘The Hall of the Wisdom of the Jewish People.’

The President and the precedent

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss President Rivlin’s speech at the annual Kafr Qasem memorial service.

Whither Jerusalem?

Recent acts of terrible violence in Jerusalem have had pundits debating whether the Third Intifada has begun.

The Jewish watchdog: Saving Soviet Jews

We discuss the ethos behind the recently-divulged 1990 Israeli plan to invade the USSR to save Russian Jews.

The Berlin brouhaha continues to baffle

We look at why the Olim leBerlin Facebook group has caused such a tidal wave of anger

Palestinian statehood and the tale of two lefties

We consider the two leftist models for dealing with the growing international embrace of Palestinian Statehood.

Calamari is kosher, right?

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss whether the legitimacy of being an out-and-out secular politician is diminishing.