The Promised Podcast

To V or not to V?

We discuss the probity of V15, a foreign-funded, get-out-the-vote NGO dedicated to removing PM Netanyahu from office.

Poking Obama in the eye?

Allison, Noah, and special guest Miriam Hershlag discuss Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to address the US Congress two weeks before Israeli elections.

Israeli elections 2015: Hell is other people

Allison, Don, and Noah ask what it says about the state of Israeli politics today that this election is shaping up to be about which bastard not to vote for.

The merger of Israel’s Arab parties: An historic unification?

There’s been an historic unification of three Arab parties and one joint Arab-Jewish party. Can the Balad-Ra’am-Ta’al-Hadash list, which incorporates such opposing ideologies, succeed?

Pour encourager les autres

Israeli Steimatzky bookstore chain decided to cancel a “Charlie Hebdo” event, in which they had planned to sell a shipment of the post-massacre issue. Should offensive cartoons be in our face?

Which side are you on?

We discuss a new Foreign Ministry propaganda video that says, basically, “Give us a break, you know that Israel is the good guy and Islam is the enemy.”

Women in Israel: The seen and the unseen

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss the photoshopping of Angela Merkel out of a picture of the heads-of-state in Paris by an ultra-Orthodox paper.

Of Labor glossed

We discuss the Labor Party primaries, which produced a list of candidates that is youngish, Ashkenazi-ish, female-ish, and socially-aware-ish.

Spotlight on Moshe Kahlon

Moshe Kahlon, the ‘Marx of the Mall’ and the darling of these elections: What makes him tick?