The Promised Podcast

Can the army smash class barriers in Israel?

Allison, Don, and Noah ask whether the Israeli Army is a great equalizer and civilian high-tech incubator.

Who really killed the Israeli Left?

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss where exactly the Israeli Left is failing.

The Promised Podcast’s ‘year that was’

PM Netanyahu’s Rosh Hashanah speech to the nation listed Israel’s accomplishments over the last year – we didn’t know we’d had it so good!

Were the Unit 8200 ‘refuseniks’ right to break ranks?

Unit 8200’s ‘refusenik’ letter exposed some Israeli intelligence practices some are finding very hard to swallow.

“…And I say hello”: Reasons to make Aliyah

The government’s recent promotional video aimed at getting young Jews to come and study in Israel has received mixed reviews.

“You say goodbye…”: Reasons to get the hell out of dodge

TLV1’s very own Rogel Alpher caused a stir in his recent Haaretz piece, in which he announced his reasons for wanting to emigrate from Israel.

Acts of love: ‘Vatacountry’ best bits

We’ve put together some of our favorite ‘Vatacountry’ segments about kids, nature, art, music, and much more!

Acts of conscience: Summer in the slammer

How does conscientious objection in Israel map onto the political landscape?

The ‘Annual State of the Schools’ (ASS) assessment

Allison, Don and Noah discuss what works and doesn’t work in Israeli schools at the moment.

Why are Bibi’s approval ratings in free-fall?

Allison, Don and Noah ask: Why the plummeting popularity, and what about the political consequences?