The Promised Podcast

Is it time to revive Israel’s vicious political debate?

Allison, Noah and Ilene discuss the effect of the West Bank kidnappings on political scrutiny and debate.

Why swooning over the Stones just isn’t cool

Allison, Don and Noah discuss why we get far too excited about pop stars coming to Israel.

Is Netanyahu’s stonewalling beginning to crumble?

Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether Prime Minister Netanyahu has lost his grip.

Have we lost patience with settlers?

Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether mainstream Israelis are becoming less supportive of settlers.

Is this the end of prisoner swaps?

Could a prohibition on pardons for murderers prevent future prisoner swaps?

A pro-Palestinian settler leader?

Is it possible that a settler leader can want the Israeli government to improve daily life on the ground for Palestinians?

Rubi Rivlin: A man of contradictions

What should we make of the new Israeli President, who is both a ‘good guy’ and against the two-state solution?

Finally facing up to Darwin

Why has evolution only just made it onto the Israeli curriculum?

The right to remain unremembered

How will Google cope with the court ruling saying it needs to ‘unremember’ people?

Hamas-Fatah reconciliation: Just suck it up?

How should Israelis react to the new Palestinian Unity Government?