The Promised Podcast

New Shas Rabbi hates on non-ultra-Orthodox

Why does the new strongman Rabbi atop the ultra-orthodox Shas party think that all the rest of us are ignoramuses?

Mahmoud Abbas’s Hail Mary plays

Is the Palestinian Authority shutting down, mind-melding with Hamas, or what?

How much should the wealth gap bug us?

Should it bother us that that the average CEO in Israel makes 76 times what the average rest-of-us make?

Why does the peace process seem to be gasping its last gasp?

The peace process has faltered and stumbled before, but have we finally hit rock bottom?

IDF taking handouts

The IDF increasingly relies on donations by well-wishers for basic supplies like boots and socks.

We Need the Bread, Man!

Should stores in Jewish neighborhoods should sell leavened bread on Passover?

Going hungry in Israel

As Passover approaches, a new report finds that almost a million Israelis are going hungry.

Playing with knives

Why do Israeli parents let their kids play with fire and rusty nails and take candy from strangers?

Trading Places

Is Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s proposal to exchange blocs of population sincere or mere smartassery?