The Promised Podcast

Can there be too much solidarity?

Ilene, Don and Noah discuss whether too much Jewish-Israeli solidarity over the war can be a bad thing.

The way the war ends

Ilene, Don and Noah discuss how the war can and should be brought to an end.

Second thoughts on uprooting the family tree?

Ilene, Noah and Eilon ask whether IDF casualties are causing us to question the decision to move the family to Israel.

Empathy for the ‘devil’

Ilene, Noah and Eilon discuss the Israeli public reaction to showing empathy for the suffering of the other side.

Is asymmetry the new black?

Ilene, Noah and Eilon ask whether Israel’s military superiority is also its greatest weakness.

A journey right back to our roots

Don takes us into total darkness; Elon reminisces over Yaffa Yarkoni; Noah gets deep and meaningful over Vaclav Havel; and Don visits the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Family album: Arabian Babblers and fake ski slopes

Emily talks about her experiences on the Israel Trail; Noah tells us about the time he tried to go skiing on Mt. Gilboa with his son.

Songs of Innocence and Experience

Eilon talks about the sporty Strawberry family; Miriam reviews the film ‘Invisible’; and Noah introduces us to a very precocious couple of musicians.

Dancing the Ethiopian shoulder shake on Sigd

Don discusses the Ethiopian holiday of Sigd; Eilon tells us about his very erudite taxi driver; and Noah reviews Shimon Peres’ biography of David Ben-Gurion.

Life interrupted: Can we plot peace from our bomb shelters?

Ilene, Noah and special guest Miriam Herschlag discuss whether we can still plan for peace in our bomb shelters.