The Promised Podcast

Does Israel love basketball more than Torah?

Is Tel Aviv winning the European basketball championship “proof that Zionism has failed”?

Has Israel become ungovernable?

Is a crisis of authority making Israel ungovernable and threatening the peace process?

The Talmud as the basis of Israeli law?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to “legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system”.

iNakba: the “Angry Birds” of the Conflict

iNakba is the “Angry Birds” of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and guess who’s playing the part of the pigs?

Why is J-Street the odd man out?

Why did the Conference of Presidents decided to keep J-Street out of their nifty club, and what’ll happen as a result?

Alternative memorials: unifying or divisive?

Why do the proliferating “alternative” ceremonies for Memorial Day and Independence day piss off so many?

Politicking the Holocaust

Are we cheapening the memory of the Holocaust by applying it to our present-day politics?

I want to be a paper pusher when I grow up

Should the remodeling of Israeli schools into cubical habitats to prepare kids for office life make us want to barf?

What motivates Abbas? — Who knows?

Do the amateur Abbasologists filing newspaper opinion columns have a clue about what motivates Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas?

Israel: the land of low taxes?

Could it be, like the OECD claims, that Israel is “the land of low taxes”?