The Promised Podcast

Dispatches from the war on poverty – The Promised Podcast‏

Is the age of the great military hero turned political leader gone forever?

The curious case of the rabbis who didn’t bark – The Promised Podcast‏

Israel adopts what may be the world’s most liberal abortion policy and the rabbis don’t complain? What are we missing?

The “Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Ten years ago this week, Arik Sharon proposed for the first time pulling out of Gaza. What’s happened since? That and chickenshit show-politics and 1984 surveillance on The Promised Podcast.

The ‘trials and errors’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

To circumcise or not to circumcise? Israeli consensus on the traditional brit milah may be eroding.

The “Vision, Fission and Derision” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Eilon, Noah and The Times of Israel’s Miriam Herschlag discuss the passing of Nelson Mandela and Israel’s ambivalent relationship to him, Avraham Burg’s spilling the beans on Israel’s nukes, and the brouhaha over vegan activist, Gary Yourofsky.

The “Turn, Turn, Turn” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏



Allison, Eilon and Noah discuss (1) the new head of the Labor Party – “Buzghi” Herzog – and his plans to give peace a chance, (2) the facebookization of the Knesset, and (3) the (figurative and, sadly, literal) death of the old cultural guard. All this and cool songs by Efrat Ben Zur with lyrics by Emily Dickenson!


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Efrat Ben Zur – Bee
Efrat Ben Zur – A Thought
Efrat Ben Zur – Storm
Efrat Ben Zur – Till the End

Photo by צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר , via Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgivukah Extravaganza – The Promised Podcast‏



To celebrate the confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, Allison, Eilon, Don and Noah devote the show to the meetings of American and Israeli cultures. They discuss Why the Conservative Movement is ailing in America, and how it’s doing in Israel, Them Crazy-Ass American Settlers in the West Bank, and what really makes them tick, and The anxieties and joys of immigrants from America raising Israeli kids. Plus, the music of Americans who rock the Israeli music scene.


This episode is made possible by Shaharit




The Ballad of Thanksgivukkah (by the Kehillah Schechter Academy in Norwood, MA)
Shyne (AKA Moses Michael Levi) – King Crown of Judah
Jonathan Miller, Yael dekelbaum, Shay Tuchner – Me and Bobby McGee (from London & Kirschenbaum)
Aryeh Naftali and the Elevators (Ratzoh va-Shov)
Red Band and Ninette, Crazy

Photo: The Menurkey Headstart

Threats, Sh*t & Tats – The Promised Podcast‏



Allison, Eilon and Noah discuss the Supreme Court’s dressing down of the government, the hot mic in the UN that divulged the world’s worst secret – yes, it’s about Israel’s being unfairly singled out – and Israelis’ inking habits, or the new, surprising tattoo culture.


This episode is made possible by Shaharit









ועדת חריגים – העולם אבד מזמן
ועדת חריגים – זה בסדר לפחד
ועדת חריגים – מכשפות
ועדת חריגים – אין נחמה לדואכים



Compost, Computers & Competitors – The Promised Podcast‏



Allison, Eilon, Don and Noah discuss

  • the evaporation (or evisceration) of environmental parties in the last elections – where have all the flower-lovers gone?,
  • the yawning digital divide in Israel, whether this google-gap ought to concern us
  • the primaries in the Labor Party, and why the once beloved Shelly Yacimovich is now embattled.

Plus, the alt/folk music of Botimzog.



בותימזוג – צווחת העיט בנקיק
בותימזוג – בונגוס חם
בותימזוג – לוכד החלומות
בותימזוג – פתטי
Photo by אדיר-מתן אוזן [CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons