The Promised Podcast

Ayatollah Strangelove – The Promised Podcast‏

Last week, Iranian TV aired a video showing Iranian drones and missiles laying waste to Tel Aviv. Are we mad to start preparing for MAD?

Big, big love – The Promised Podcast‏

Too much polygamy? Too few ’hoods? Not enough packages? The Promised Podcast mulls it all over.

Protocols of the Elders of Whom? – The Promised Podcast‏

Is there really no connection between the occupation and the rise of world-wide anti-Semitism?

Poindexter for President? – The Promised Podcast‏

With the Mid-East collapsing around us, should Israel hunker down? And should Israel’s next president be a Nobel laureate chemist? Listen to the Promised Podcast!

The curious case of the rabbis who didn’t bark – The Promised Podcast‏

Israel adopts what may be the world’s most liberal abortion policy and the rabbis don’t complain? What are we missing?

The “Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Ten years ago this week, Arik Sharon proposed for the first time pulling out of Gaza. What’s happened since? That and chickenshit show-politics and 1984 surveillance on The Promised Podcast.

The ‘trials and errors’ edition – The Promised Podcast‏

To circumcise or not to circumcise? Israeli consensus on the traditional brit milah may be eroding.

The ‘Connect the Seas, Being Free & Crap TV’ Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Will peace — along with water — flow through the proposed Red Sea-Dead Sea pipeline?

The “Vision, Fission and Derision” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏

Eilon, Noah and The Times of Israel’s Miriam Herschlag discuss the passing of Nelson Mandela and Israel’s ambivalent relationship to him, Avraham Burg’s spilling the beans on Israel’s nukes, and the brouhaha over vegan activist, Gary Yourofsky.