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A season of Israeli soccer in 8 minutes

Host Laragh Widdess tells you everything you need to know about Israel’s 2014-15 soccer season… in just 8 minutes.

The anti-social network

We discuss the tragedy of a government bureaucrat who, accused on Facebook, shot himself. Is the power of social network rage something we need to tamp?

What makes kosher wine kosher?

How is kosher wine made, who can make it, and how is it different to ‘mevushal’ wine? And, most importantly, does it taste as good as other wines?

A circle of friends – Israel in Translation

“Adva stands there looking at herself in the mirror… Today she has a special hairdo in honor of the performance, and she examines it from all angles.”

Let there be light! The evolution of candle-lighting practices in Ashkenaz

A discussion on the emergence and evolution of candle-lighting practices among the Jews of Ashkenaz.

Short trip from cradle to grave

An ultra-Orthodox woman achieved the positively biblical feat of giving birth to her first child at the age of 65. Is Israel a little too baby crazy?

On the beneficiaries and victims of ‘Ashkenazi privilege’ in Israel

Prof. Meir Amor of Concordia University has been a Mizrahi activist and researcher of the Mizrahi question for decades.

Religious fanatics or Godless heathens?

A recent world-wide poll found that Israel is one of the least religious countries in the world, which conflicts with other findings that religion is very important to most.

Bicycle races: A story of conflict and resolution

The road from Hebron to Jerusalem was packed on Jerusalem Day with Israeli settlers making their annual bike ride in memory of Yitzhak Buanish.

Netanyahu’s Ministry of Magic?

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss the odd new ministerial alchemy that produced a “Minister of Space” and other strange concatenations.