JDate seeks to rekindle long-lost summer camp romances


For those who went to sleepaway camp, there is a special nostalgia for that summer experience. Even romance. The company JDate will soon tap into that feeling in what will be the first Jewish camp-specific dating service. It’s called Ramah Date and will cater to alumni of Camp Ramah.

Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Director of the Ramah Camping Movement, said that he thinks the new venture will attract young Jewish singles who might not otherwise consider using an Internet dating service but who find the idea of finding a partner with a similar background via Ramah appealing.


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1 comment on “JDate seeks to rekindle long-lost summer camp romances

  1. Mary says:

    This is a really great idea. Dating camp 😀 I have been a lone wolf for way too long. My friend sent me this book http://po.st/xOf8B9 . I’m gonna use it on this Friday, time to get some romance going in my life 😛

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