Ein Gedi: A Dead Sea story

The Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth – is at once an eerie and uplifting place. Known as the dwelling of the ancient ascetics who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls, and as a place of healing and rejuvenation, no trip to Israel is complete without a visit to this salty lake. But it might not be quite what you expect.

Ein Gedi

TLV1’s Laragh Widdess visits the stunning Ein Gedi to paint a picture of today’s Dead Sea landscape, and to see how the community there is coping with environmental disaster.

Yamma Ensemble – King David
Ennio Morricone – U-Turn (U-Turn OST)
Traditional Chinese – The Red Plum Blossoms
Derek & Brandon Fiechter – Cleopatra
Peter Pringle – The Lyre Of Megiddo
Tova Ben-Zvi – Ein Gedi

Written and produced by Laragh Widdess
Photos by pietschy

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