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This episode of the Promised Podcast doesn’t deal with the recent West Bank teen kidnappings straight-up; it’s already been instrumentalized by too many, based on too few facts. We adhere to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s dictum: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”


Allison, Don & Noah discuss:


.Have we lost patience with settlers?

Is mainstream Israel losing patience with settlers, as found in a recent poll conducted by an institution that supports the settlements?



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.Is Netanyahu’s stonewalling beginning to crumble?

How long can Prime Minster Netanyahu go on being the Peace Process’ “obstructionist-in-chief?’ Has he lost his grip?


DH_3-e1395733946974Why swooning over the Stones just isn’t cool

Is our joy over the Stones, Neil Young, Lady Gaga and other A-List acts coming to Israel just a little pathetic?




All songs by Baladino, singing in the dying language of Ladino, from their new album “Dos Amantes”:

La Kumida La Manyana

Si Veriash A La Rana

A Sinyora Novia

Kuando El Rey Nimrod


Photo: A settler sits in front of a torn down house during the demolition and evacuation of 10 structures in the Ma’ale Rehavam outpost in the West Bank, May 2014, after the High Court deemed the land illegally purchased. Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90.


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