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Allison, Noah, and Times of Israel Ops & Blogs Editor Miriam Herschlag discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

IDF = “It Don’t Fucking-Matter”?

We discuss human rights group B’Tselem’s decision to stop telling IDF lawyers about crimes committed by soldiers because the army doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t do shit about these crimes.


Joint arab list
The Other F-Word

There’s a new trend on the left of using the word “fascist” to describe the direction in which our government is traveling. We discuss this mainstreaming of the “F-Word,” which is becoming as much a part of the Tel Aviv lexicon as “Sababa.”


Who are you to lower the rent?

The Ministry of Housing seems to be moving against municipal affordable housing programs on the grounds that they discriminate by, for instance, preferring locals and young people. But shouldn’t cities be able to decide who gets cheaper housing?


All songs by Avi Mesika, who won our hearts when he built a protest tent in front of the IDF radio station to demonstrate against bias in their playlist:

Yored La-Yam
Reva Le-Sheva
K’he Oti
Ayin Tachat Ayin (with Roni Levy)

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