Live in Boston: The “If I Don’t Recognize You, O Jerusalem” Edition

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Noah Efron, Don Futterman, and Ha’aretz International Director Charlotte Hallé are live in Boston to discuss three topics of incomparable importance.

It Happens in the Best of Families
ARZA President Rabbi Josh Weinberg joins us to weigh in on the rift between Israel and American Jews. What can be done to allow American Jews to identify with a state whose leaders break deals with them, accuse them of living soft and convenient lives, and disparage them in a variety of ways?

If I Don’t Recognize You, O Jerusalem
President Trump announced this week that the US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move its embassy to that city. A litany of world leaders reacted with worry. What fears and hopes are being sparked by Trump’s decision?

What Do and Don’t Demonstrations Do?
Israel throws great demonstrations, and on any given night, there are a dozen demonstrations in Tel Aviv alone. But what do demonstrations do? What have demonstrations done? Must we admit that they may have become an empty ritual?

All this live at the fabulous Union for Reform Judaism Bienniel, through the largesse of the Association of Reform Zionists in America and J-Street, plus the brilliant music of young jazz sensation Lior Tzemach.

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