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Noah Efron, Don Futterman, and Ha’aretz journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

See No Evil? Evil Not to See?
After an Israeli musician covered his eyes with duct tape rather than see women dancing, offending many, we ask: Should we really be mad at him? If so, why precisely?

The Perplexing Problem of Patriotism
Why does Israel’s Left consistently fail to persuade fellow citizens that they are, indeed, just as patriotic as other Israelis?

Who Killed Hanukkah?
What explains the downgrading of Hanukkah from one of the most important Zionist holidays — secular and political in nature — to one of the least important Israeli holidays?

Music by Yonatan Raz’el, a musicians’ musician who unleashed an uproar this week when, for religious reasons, he taped over his eyes at a concert rather than watching women dance in front of the stage:
Nafshenu Hiktah
Poteah Lev
Ivdu et ha-Shem be-Simha

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