The “Gaga for the GA!” Edition

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron, and Don Futterman discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

It’s Not Over ‘til the Yellow Bird Sings
The “Canary Mission” is a website clearinghouse of information about American students, professors and organizations who are critical of Israel. What impact does its “this-will-go-on-your-permanent-record” trolling of Jewish American (and other) critics of Israel have on all of us?

Marks and Surplus Values
If “Jewish values” are used to justify both right-wing and left-wing positions, there is any value to them at all? Is it time to stick a fork in “Jewish Values”?

Schools of De-Zion
There’s an amazing resurrection in America of hip Yiddishism and Bundism and all sorts of spectacular Jewish cultural creativity, the roots of which reach back to sources that have little to do with Israel and Zionism. Should we celebrate or mourn this creative de-Zionising?

The soulfulness of Naama Cooper and Natan Kamen

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4 comments on The “Gaga for the GA!” Edition

  1. Jessica Kaz says:

    To all of three of you rock stars in Tel Aviv,

    For over a year now I drive down Lake Shore Drive on my way to teach at a tiny and somewhat wacky Jewish day school, listening to you all kibbitz. I am laughing and crying and my heart aches to be with you all!! I am deeply moved and indebted to how you give me a way to feel so connected to Israel, the insane country that I love. I lived in Jerusalem for many years (1971-74, 1986-87, 1997-2001), I have 4 kids who are all proud Young Judaeans!! – one now lives in Tel Aviv, one is on Year Course, and the other two and I are coming for a visit to Israel in Dec.
    ARE YOU HOSTING ONE OF YOUR OPEN STORY sessions between Dec. 21- Jan 3rd????
    Crazy about TLV1 in Chicago – Jessica

    1. Noah Efron says:

      Dear Jessica,

      Thank you so much for this lovely note, which finds me (Noah) after lonely, tired hours of hanging election posters around the city; your message brought me back to life. Podcastery is an odd thing. In my mind, we’re speaking directly to you (well, a version that I conjured in my mind, an amalgam of my friends, family and myself), but it’s impossible to know if the person I think I’m speaking to is really out there and listening. So a note like yours gives so much encouragement.

      I don’t know what you did to raise 4 YJ progeny, with one in TA (despite her or his parents’ affinities to J-lem!), but it must have been good.

      Our December WhyWhyWhy story evening is, sadly, on December 17th. But I would love to meet you while you’re here (coffee’s on me, even if you order a large) and if you’ve got time to flat-out waste while you’re in town, we’d love to have you sit in on one of our tapings (which are typically on Thursday mornings, 10:30, in Tel Aviv).


  2. william martin says:

    Allison mentioned a podcast about how Israelis & Palestinians work together, i.e. an ice cream company, a theater company, etc. What is the name of that podcast ?
    I very much enjoy your podcasts as I listen every Sunday.
    Thanks, Bill

    1. TLV1 says:

      Hi Bill,
      The podcast Allison referred to is called The Branch.

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