The “Château Latour” Edition

Photo: Ruben Salvadori/FLASH90

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron and Wunderkind Haaretz book reviewer (and so much more) Ohad Zeltzer-Zubida discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Leftier than Thou
Instead of attacking Netanyahu, the Labor Party decides to attack his centrist opponent, Benny Gantz, as knock-off Netanyahu and right-wing stooges. Has the center-left gone Hobbesian?

Not Not-Religious
A scholar argues that religion has osmotically entered so much of Israeli society, that it is no longer secular. Are we entering a “post-secular” age?

A proposed Jerusalem Cable Car will allow tourists and residents to go from Jewish West Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall without seeing a Moslem or Christian, except from an air conditioned cabin many meters above. Can transportation technology be politics by other means?

FASCISM. By Shaked
For our most extremely generous Patreon supporters, we discuss in our extra-special, special extra segment a new election ad that has new-right minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked misting herself with perfume labeled “fascism.” Provocative, yes, but to what end?

The great Brazilian-Israeli drummer, composer and singer, Joca Perpignan:

  • Arrancada
  • A Vida Que a Gente Levar, with Rotem Cohen
  • Jogo do Viver
  • Los Van Van, with Amir Gwirtzman

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