Rock the boat: The margins of Israeli rock – Alt+TLV


This show is dedicated to alternative Israeli rock Рlots of distorted guitars and heavy drums Рas well as softer indie rock and even some electronic sounds.

In addition, we pay¬†tribute to one of Israel’s pioneers of psychedelic rock, Danny Ben Israel, and his 1969 cult album ‘Bullshit 3 1/4.’



The Psychotic Beach Bums – Happy As Shit

Dalit Ziv – Mabat

Sweatshop Boys – Try Hard

Gazer M – Baby Got Sanked

Hila Ru’ach – Techef Bat Shloshim

Ryskinder – Ah-ha 2

Danny Ben Israel – The Hippies Of Today Are The Assholes Of Tomorrow

Danny Ben Israel – Dawn With Hash

Danny Ben Israel – Why Not

Danny Ben Israel – After All The Fun

Matan Ben Tzvi – Montana

Pick Right – Absolutely Nothing

Tatran – Space Out

Bloch – Burning Tree (with Noga Erez)

With Only Sound – Guiding Star

Vaadat Charigim – Imperia Achrona (Unreleased Demo)


Photo: From the¬†‘Bullshit 3 1/4’ album cover.

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