That’s a Wrap! Rosh Hashanah musical highlights – Alt+TLV


In honor of the Jewish new year, host Noa Argov plays some of her highlights from the Israeli Alternative music scene over the past year – from Punk through Indie-Rock to Hip Hop.



Mouth and Foot – Schluck Beton (NDV Karl Heinz Schlager Remix)

HaMifsaot – Tzara Tzrura

Vitarti – Sidurim Shel Mevugarim

HaPussy Shel Lucy – Muchan LeAchila

Shaul Luria – Af Pa’am Lo Tihiye Li Dira

Uzi Ramirez – Up & Down

Men Of North Country – Magic

Chromosome – Gazolina (Red Axes Edit)

Roei Freilich – HaLaila Hi Tirkod

Reo – Ometz

Flora – Broken

Cohen – Rak Ani

KerenDun and Echo – I’ll Follow You

Brain Candies – Finding The F

Sarit Barkan – Shut Your Mouth

Noga Erez – Weapons (Son Lux Cover)


Photo: Men of North Country.

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