Fellow Kuti: An hour with Israel’s genius music producer – Alt+TLV


This edition of TLV1’sĀ alternative Israeli music magazine is dedicated to Kutiman, one of Israel’s most prolific and creative musicians and producers, and the brains behind the famous musical YouTube project, ‘Thru-You.’

He’s now releasing a follow-up project called ‘Thru-You-Too,’ so we thought this would be a good opportunity to explore the Kutiman phenomenon.



Kutiman – The Mother Of All Funk Chords

Kutiman – Give It Up

Sabbo & Kuti – Do You Remember (feat. Jah Rightful)

Kutiman – No Reason For You

Onili – Games (Kutiman Remix)

Kutiman – I Am New

Karolina – Oof Itcha

Kutiman – Music Is Ruling My World

Kutiman – Thru-Jerusalem

Sabbo & Kuti – Order Of The Day (feat. U T Ras)

Ester Rada – Life Happens

Kutiman – No One In This World

Kutiman – Just A Lady

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