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Don, Allison and Noah discuss:

  • whether Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s proposal to exchange blocs of population is sincere or mere smartassery;
  • what can and should be done to prevent the unjust, inefficient, anti-meritocratic and patently slimy aspects of the tight-knittedness of Israeli social networks, without destroying the networks themselves; and
  • why Israeli parents let their kids play with fire and rusty nails and take candy from strangers


All this, and the music of Vitarti on the week of their valedictory concert:
In he Future, People Won’t Be in the Present (Ba-Atid, Anashim Lo ba-Hoveh)
Since I did Acid, I Can’t Distinguish Mom from Dad (Me’Az she’Asiti Acid, Ani Lo Mavchin Bein Aba le-Ima)
Silly One (Tipsha Akhat)
Since I did Acid, and Can’t Distinguish Mom from Dad (Ani Dati Aval Biglal she-Ani Homo Ani Margish Rigshot Asham Az Gazamti le-Atzmi et ha-Pin)

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