The Peace Team plays a different kind of football


Israelis and Palestinians share something in common: Both are football-mad. But the soccer world only seems to be driving them further apart. So they’ve found a different kind of football to play together – one that neither side is familiar with, so both can learn together from scratch. But it’s not for the faint-hearted…

The Peres Center for Peace, the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and the Australian Football League have come together to support a “Peace Team” made up of Israelis and Palestinians, which can play in international AFL competitions.

But what is Australian rules football? How do you get Israelis and Palestinians playing on the same team, and how does war get in the way? TLV1’s Laragh Widdess attended the inaugural AFL Jolson Cup in Tel Aviv to find out.

Men at Work – Land Down Under

Written and produced by Laragh Widdess

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