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How do you say I’m tired, beat, drained, knackered, and the like in colloquial Hebrew? And what do you say when you crash on a Tel Avivi couch?


Words and expressions discussed:

Ayef, Ayefa – עָיֵף, עֲיֵפָה
Ayefoot – עֲיֵפוּת
Mi-ma ata ayef – מִמָּה אַתָּה עָיֵף?
Ani ayef me-avoda – אֲנִי עָיֵף מֵעֲבוֹדָה
Ani shafuch – אֲנִי שָׁפוּך
Nishpachti al ha-sapa – נִשְפַּכְתִּי עַל הַסַּפָּה
Ani ma’uch tilim – אֲנִי מָעוּך טִילִים
Kamti hafuch – קַמְתִּי הָפוּך
Gamur – גָּמוּר
Karu’a me-ayefoot – קָרוּעַ מֵעֲיֵפוּת
Mootash – מוּתָש
Lenaker – לְנַקֵּר


Hanichi Li – Rami Kletinstein (Lyrics here.)
Shir ha-debil – Yossi Elephant (Lyrics here.)
Hafuch – Rami Fortis & Berry Sakharof (Lyrics here.)


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