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Lama ma kara can be literally translated as “why what happened.” What do we mean by this expression and how do you use it?


Words and expressions discussed:

Ze koré – זֶה קוֹרֶה
Ma koré – מה קוֹרֶה
Lo nora, koré – לֹא נוֹרָא, קוֹרֶה
Hakol yachol likrot – הַכֹּל יָכוֹל לִקְרוֹת
Lama ma kara, milchama? – למה מָה קָרָה, מִלְחָמָה?
Lo yoda’at ma koré li – לֹא יוֹדַעַת מָה קוֹרֶה לִי
Ma kara lecha – מָה קָרָה לְךָ?



Ze kore – Arik Lavi (Lyrics here.)
Sha’alti ma kara – Shlomo Artzi (Lyrics here.)
Ha-kol yachol likrot  – Ninet Tayeb (Lyrics here.)
Lama ma kara – Moshe Cohen (Lyrics here.)
Mashup: Rani Rahav, lama ma kara – Noy Alooshe
Kshe’ani itcha ani kmo dag – Sarit Hadad & Teapacks (Lyrics here.)


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