The Hebrew language lay dormant for a very long while. When it reemerged from its slumber, we Israelis found ourselves without the rightย words for all things relating to sex. Just how serious is this problem? Quite serious. Guy explains.

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Words and Expressions Discussed:

Zayin โ€“ Dick โ€“ ื–ื™ืŸ

Pot, nartik, Vagina โ€“ Vagina โ€“ ืคื•ืช

Kus โ€“ Pussy โ€“ ื›ื•ืก

Le’onen โ€“ To masturbate โ€“ ืœืื•ื ืŸ

Lezayen โ€“ To fuck โ€“ ืœื–ื™ื™ืŸ

Kusit โ€“ Chick, babe โ€“ ื›ื•ืกื™ืช

Mizdayenet โ€“ She is fucking โ€“ ืžื–ื“ื™ื™ื ืช

Dfika โ€“ Fuck (noun) โ€“ ื“ืคื™ืงื”

Lidfok โ€“ To knock, fuck โ€“ ืœื“ืคื•ืง

Dafuk โ€“ Fucked up โ€“ ื“ืคื•ืง

Gomeret โ€“ Coming (f., sex.) โ€“ ื’ื•ืžืจืช

Ligmor โ€“ To finish, to come (sex.) โ€“ ืœื’ืžื•ืจ

Meonenet โ€“ Masturbating (f.) โ€“ ืžืื•ื ื ืช



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