In Hebrew, mefunak is spoiled (as in a spoiled kid) while lefanek is to spoil. On this episode, Guy explains how to spoil someone rotten and how to deal with spoiled brats.


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New Words and Expressions:

Mefunaki, pinuki – Spoiled person/kid – מפונקי, פינוקי

Dai, tafsik leyalel, mefunaki – Stop wailing, mefunaki – די, תפסיק ליילל, מפונקי

Ani medaberet al otam elu she-hem mefunakim – I speak about those who are spoiled – אני מדברת על אותם עלו שהם מפונקים

Shiluv katlani – Lethal combination – שילוב קטלני

Horim she-mefankim ad bli gvul – Parents who spoil to no end – הורים שמפנקים עד בלי גבול

Eizo mefuneket – What a spoiled girl – איזו מפונקת

Eich oti at mefaneket – How you spoil me – איך אותי את מפנקת

Havayat tisa mefaneket – Pampering flight experience – חוויית טיסה מפנקת

Sherut mefanek – A service that pampers you – שירות מפנק

Lehit’orer le-boker mefanek – Wake up to a gratifying morning – להתעורר לבוקר מפנק

Shokolad rach yoter, mefanek yoter – A chocolate which is softer and more satisfying – שוקולד רך יותר, מפנק יותר

Pashut lehenot mi-pinuk amiti – To simply enjoy a real pampering – פשוט להנות מפינוק אמיתי

Pinuk – Indulgence – פינוק

Eize pinuk – How spoiled he is – איזה פינוק

Wow eize pinuk – What a treat – וואו, איזה פינוק

Lefanek mishehu be-kafe la-mita – To pamper someone by bringing them coffee in bed – לפנק מישהו בקפה למיטה

Lehafnik et ha-yeladim sheli be-uga – Pamper my children with a cake – להפניק את הילדים שלי בעוגה

Bran flakes pinukim – Bran flakes indulgence – ברנפלקס פינוקים

Be-tosefet perot mefankim – With extra gratifying fruits – בתוספת פירות מפנקים

Mitpaneket – Spoiling herself rotten – מתפנקת

Kmo hataltula – Like a kitten – כמו חתלתולה

Lehitpanek – To spoil yourself rotten, to indulge – להתפנק

Efo ata? – Mitpanek li ba-mita – Spoiling myself in bed – איפה אתה? מתפנק לי במיטה


Playlist and Clips:

Mefunakim nim’astem

Stalos & Oren Hen – Mefuneket (lyrics)

Tisa mefaneket

Boker mefanek

Shokolad mefanek

Pinuk amiti

Danit – Pinukim (Subtitles in English)

Liora Gonzalez – Mitpaneket (lyrics on YouTube)


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4 comments on “Spoil Yourself Rotten

  1. Ellen Brull says:

    Thank you Guy for your podcasts. I especially enjoyed this one. I have a funny story with the word Mefanek. When I married my husband, an Israeli, many years ago, my new father -in- law asked me, in Hebrew, if I was going to Liphanek my husband. Of course I translated this to myself as spoil him. So I reassured him that no, I would not; in my mind, spoiling someone is never good. However he was expecting me to say yes- meaning to pamper him, as all good women should pamper their husbands, I suppose. Well , I surely made him upset, as well as exemplified his feelings about American Jewish women- that we are spoiled ( mefunakim). So I quickly learned the two sides to the word mefanek!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Nechmad me’od, nice story! Toda!

  2. Francisco says:

    Great program, as usual.

    But I couldn’t find להפניק in Morfix, or anywhere else

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Lehafnik is really new slang, and as I said, it’s not in the dictionary yet, it’s hardcore slang. See results in Google:להפניק&oq=להפניק
      And on Twitter:להפניק

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