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In Hebrew, צד is side. And what about its plural צדדים, sides? It’s a bit of a mouthful. Today Guy explains the different sides of צד, as well as useful expressions like, “fine by me” and “there are two sides to every story.”


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New Words and Expressions:

Tsad, tsdadim – Side, sides – צד, צדדים

Le-shnei ha-tsdadim – To both sides – לשני הצדדים

“Birds-dadim” > (bir)ds-dadim > tsdadim

Hatsida – Towards the side – הצידה

Mi-tsad el/le tsad – From one side to the other – מצד אל צד, מצד לצד

Mi-tsad ehad… Mi-tsad sheni – On one hand, on the other hand – מצד אחד, מצד שני

Le-chol matbe’a yesh shnei tsdadim – There are two sides to every story – לכל מטבע יש שני צדדים

Le-tsidech – On your (f.) side – לצידך

Al tefani li makom le-tsidech – Don’t make room for me by your side – אל תפני לי מקום לצידך

Ze lo yafe mi-tsidech – It’s not a nice thing to do by you – זה לא יפה מצידך

Mamash lo yafe mi-tisdo/mi-tsida – It’s not a nice thing to do from his/her side – ממש לא יפה מצידו/מצידה

Zo hutzpah mi-tsido – It’s a hutzpah thing to do on his part – זו חוצפה מצידו

Mi-tsidi she-haproyekt ha-ze lo yihye – For me, this project can be cancelled – מצידי, שהפרוייקט זה לא יהיה

Mi-tsidi ein be’aya – On my part, no problem – מצידי אין בעיה

Mi-tsidi sababa – From me it’s ok – מצידי סבבה

Tsad gimel – Third party – צד ג

Ba-tsad shel ha-tovim – On the side of the good guys – בצד של הטובים

Avoda tsdadit – Side gig – עבודה צדדית

Had tsdadi – One sided – חד-צדדי

Hachlata had tsdadit – One sided decision – החלטה חד-צדדית


Playlist and Clips:

Yishai Levy – Mi-tsad le-tsad (lyrics)

Imun sport

Ha-haverim shel Natasha – Yesh Zman (lyrics)

Matityahu Rozen – Mi-tsad Ehad, Mi-tsad Sheni (lyrics on YouTube)

Dor Daniel – Makom le-tsidech (lyrics)

Sheygets – Ha-milim hachi yafot (lyrics)

Ron Hulda’i, mayor of Tel Aviv

Tsad Gimel

Rona Keinan – Ba-tsad shel ha-tovim (lyrics)

Hachlata had tsdadit – TV2

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