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Shabbat (שבת) in Hebrew means Sabbath. In a religious context, it’s the time span between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening. In secular terms, it’s Saturday, the day of the week.

So how do we tell them apart? It depends whether you’ve been invited Le-Shabbat or Be-Shabbat. And let’s not forget the words we derive from the same root, like sabbatical, paralyzed, and strike. On this episode, Guy takes a closer look at שבת.


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New Words and Expressions:

Bo elai le-shabbat – Come to me for a Shabbat – בוא אליי לשבת

Bo nipagesh be-shabbat – Let’s meet on Saturday – בוא ניפגש בשבת

Motsa’ei shabbat, motsash – Saturday night – מוצאי שבת, מוצ”ש

Mahar, omnam, ze nehlash – Indeed, tomorrow it (the rain) will weaken – מחר, אמנם, זה נחלש

Aval be-shabat hu shuv mithazek – But on Saturday it will intensify again – אבל בשבת הוא שוב מתחזק

Datiyim lo yodu she-hem mehubarim be-shabbat – Religious people will not admit that they are connected on Shabbat – דתיים לא יודו שהם מחוברים בשבת

Shabbat shalom – Have a nice Shabbat – שבת שלום

Sofash na’im – Have a great weekend – סופ”ש נעים

Achla sofash – Have a great weekend – אחלה סופ”ש

Shabbat, shabbatot – Saturdays – שבת, שבתות

Levad al ha-gag – Alone on the rooftop terrace – לבד על הגג

Yom shabbaton – A day of holiday – יום שבתון

Ha-bchirot ba-aaretz hen yom shabbaton – Elections in Israel are a holiday day – הבחירות בארץ הן יום שבתון

Latset le-shnat shabbaton – To go on a sabbatical – לצאת לשנת שבתון

Ha-rof’im shovtim me-ha-boker – The doctors have been striking since this morning – הרופאים שובתים מהבוקר

Lishbot – To be on strike – לשבות

Ha-talmidim yashbitu mahar et ha-limudim – The students will stop school – התלמידים ישביתו מחר את הלימודים

Hashbata – ‘Causing strike’ – השבתה

Mashbit smachot – Ruins the fun – משבית שמחות

Me-ha-yom she-bat ha-rosh mushbat – From the day you arrived, my head stopped working – מהיום שבאת הראש מושבת

Ha-mahshev mushbat – The computer is not working – המחשב מושבת

Hu mushbat – He’s sick at home – הוא מושבת

Ma’alit mushbetet – Non functioning elevator – מעלית מושבתת

Emdat meida mushbetet – Unmanned information desk – עמדת מידע מושבתת

Shvitat ra’av – Hunger strike – שביתת רעב

Shovetet ra’av – She is on hunger strike – שובתת רעב


Playlist and Clips:

Tahazit le-Shabbat – Weather forecast for Saturday

Smartphone be-shabbat

Yehudit Ravitz – Shabatot ve-chagim (lyrics)

Yom Shabbaton – Omri Engel

Ha-rof’im shovtim me-haboker


Mashbit smachot

Itsik Kala – Esh Be-einayich (lyrics)

Shvitat ra’av – Hunger strike

Yehudit Ravitz – Shabatot ve-chagim (lyrics)

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