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In Hebrew dugma (דוגמה) is “an example,” and ledugma (לדוגמה) means “for example.” This root, d-g-m, is quite handy and from it we derive words and phrases like fashion model, sample, and the perfect husband.

In this episode Guy provides many examples using the root ד.ג.מ.


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New Words and Expressions:

Ledugma, lemashal – For example – לדוגמה, למשל

Dugma, dugma’ot – Example, examples – דוגמה, דוגמאות

Notnim lach elef dugma’ot – They give you one thousand examples – נותנים לך אלף דוגמאות

Ten/Tni dugma – Give an example – תן/תני דוגמה

Ba’al le-dugma – A model husband – בעל לדוגמה

Mishpacha ledugma – The perfect family – משפחה לדוגמה

Haver ledugma – Model friend, exemplary friend – חבר לדוגמה

Dira le-dugma – A sample apartment – דירה לדוגמה

Dugma ishit – Personal example – דוגמה אישית

Dgima – Sample – דגימה

Dgimat rok – Saliva sample – דגימת רוק

Dgimat dam – Blood sample – דגימת דם

Lidgom – To sample – לדגום

“Ani rak dogem/dogemet” – I am just sampling – אני רק דוגם/דוגמת

Degem, dgamim – Model, models – דגם, דגמים

Eize degem/model ze? – Which model is it? – איזה דגם/מודל זה?

Digmei 2016 – The 2016 models – דגמי 2016

Digmei 2016 nahatu be-Israel – The 2016 models have landed in Israel – דגמי 2016 נחתו בישראל

Hi medagmenet – She is modelling – היא מדגמנת

Dugman, dugmanim – Model, models (m.) – דוגמן, דוגמנים

Dugmanit, dugmaniyot – Model, models (f.) – דוגמנית, דוגמניות

Ledagmen – To do modelling – לדגמן

Lifnei ha-dugmanut yesh kodem kol et ha-zugiyut – Relationship comes way before the modelling – לפני הדוגמנות יש קודם כל את הזוגיות

Dugmanut – Modelling – דוגמנות

Salat medugam – A perfect salad – סלט מדוגם

Eize digum! – Perfect! – איזה דיגום!

Lehadgim – To demonstrate – להדגים

Hadgama – Demonstration – הדגמה


Playlist and Clips:

Dana International – Ha-kol ze letova (lyrics)

Ofra Haza – Shir Ha-frecha (lyrics)

Mishpacha ledugma – Model family

Dira le-dugma

Dugma ishit

Dgima – Sample

Digmei Audi

Hi medagmenet

Salat medugam

Mati Caspi – Bayit Ledugma (lyrics)

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