Do the Ends Justify the Mean?

Is being a kind-of-a-dick to the Prime Minister’s kid justified, because the Prime Minister is kind-of-a-dick to the rest of us?

Two Tales of Settlements

A revisionist history of the settler movement argues that it was never really about messianic, religious ideology as much as it was about nuts-and-bolts issues of economy and class. Were we wrong all along about Israel’s settler movement?

Carmen and the Devil

A Mizrahi activist was added to the Labor Party list who once called it a party of racist oppression. Is Israel’s Labor Party, once the epicenter of toxic Ashkenazihood, the new Shas? What it says about Israeli politics?

The “Panthers and Cubs” Edition

We discuss 1) the addition of an activist to the Labor Party list who once called it a party of racist oppression 2) a revisionist history of the settler movement arguing that it was not about religious ideology but rather economy and class 3) whether it’s right or not to harangue Avner Netanyahu about the purported “sins” of his father

Bussed Are the Right, for Theirs Are the Beaches and Cinemas

There is a revolution underway, bringing public transportation to Israeli cities on the Sabbath for the first time ever. Why is the Likud leading the charge?

The Autocrat Whisperer

Does Prime Minister Netanyahu want voters to see him as an “autocrat whisperer”?

The Elephant Has Left the Building

One thing not being debated ahead of Israel’s elections is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The elephant in the room seems to have left the building. Why?

“The Elephant has Left the Building” Edition

We discuss 1) why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not a campaign issue in our incipient elections 2) an ad campaign showing PM Netanyahu with autocratish world leaders 3) the revolutionary advance of municipal bus service on the Sabbath

Free to Be You and Me

A Jerusalem court finds that a man can be sued for failing to tell his fiancé-cum-wife that he prefers sex with men. Where does a right to privacy end, and an obligation of honesty begin?

Right Fever

As the deadline looms, are the leaders of Israel’s new right-wing-consortium right that one party to the right of the Likud is better than two?