the promised podcast

Ben Gurion and The Matrix

Should Israel’s old Labor elite be lionized nostalgically or instead consigned to the dustbin of history?

Pfeffer’s Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s Israel

In what ways is today’s Israel a product of Benjamin Netanyahu, and in what ways is Benjamin Netanyahu a product of the Israel in which he grew? And what is the price we all pay for the success he’s had molding the country, with such surprising success, into his own image?


A new exhibit of painting portray Sefardi men as oppressors of Russian immigrants. Is it racist?

Conscript Kids

Does seeing IDF soldiers as “our kids” cloud our moral judgment?

Seventy Short Reasons

For Israel’s 70th, the top 70 reasons we love this crazy place: light of our lives, fire of our loins, our sin, our soul, our home!

Edifice Complex

Israel’s Housing Minister proposes filling Israel’s skyline with huge stainless steel Stars of David, to offset the many minarets, steeples and spires that dot the horizon today. Why do we care whether ours is bigger than theirs?

Bring Your Seat to an Upright Position

When a flight attendant asks if you wouldn’t mind swapping seats with an ultra-Orthodox Jew, should you (a) kindly agree in the name of civility or (b) righteously refuse in the name of freedom and equality?

Gaza’s “Great March of Return”

Is Gaza’s “Great March of Return” a non-violent protest, or a dangerous attempt to breach Israel’s border? Are IDF sharpshooters defending Israel’s sovereignty or wounding and killing unarmed protesters, or both?

Still Leaving Egypt, After All These Years

Does the story of the Exodus we tell on Passover, about how we were oppressed by everyone until we had our own home in the Holy Land, make us better, more empathetic, people or worse, more ethonocentric, people?

Low Marx

Should private universities be able to compete for the best students and teachers and researchers against the government-funded public universities that have, until now, had a monopoly? The experiment started this week.