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Two leading environmental NGOs break ranks with protesting activists, and support the plans to build a gas rig just ten kilometers from shore. They say they’re doing what’s best for the environment, but shouldn’t environmental NGOs do what is best for the activists they represent? At the end of the day, who do NGOs answer to?

It’s Finally Nice & Legal! Israel is a Jewish State!

Israel passes its long embattled “Nation-State” law, declaring that this is definitely, but definitely, a Jewish state. It probably won’t mean much in practice, but it is one helluva symbolic statement. Question is, though, just what is it stating?

Muskeljuden No More?

What are sports for, in a Jewish State?

Seeds of Doubt

A bunch of eager, energetic religious folks want to move together into a Tel Aviv neighborhood, volunteer in the schools, open a synagogue, teach adult ed, and organize public celebrations of holidays, all in hopes of making their new neighbors a bit more Jewish. Should they be stopped or saluted?

Pole Position

The Prime Ministers of Israel and Poland issue a joint declaration about WWII, asserting that Poles mostly treated Jews benignly. Historians of the Holocaust express outrage. And, anyway, should Israel’s Prime Minister be signing agreements about what’s true and false in Jewish History?

More Notes on Camp

What happened to good old summer camps when kids slept on rocks under stars and sang around campfires? Why have they yielded to space camp, video game camp and veterinary medicine camp?

Right=Bright, Left=Bereft?

A new poll finds that Israeli right-wingers, who tend to be poorer than average, are optimistic about the country’s economic future, while Israeli left-wingers, who tend to be richer than average, are pessimistic. Was Netanyahu right when he said that leftists are just sour-pussed nattering nabobs of negativism?

Avi Gabbay’s Excellent Imposture

Labor Party Head Avi Gabbay pays shadowy consultants to post faux-Facebook pages trashing centrist rival Yair Lapid. Is Gabbay just a politician who is in it to win it, or is he yet another politician who has lost his soul?

The Council for the Preservation of Historic Inefficiency?

Should Israel’s government subsidize such quaint anachronisms as artisanal bread-baking and clothes-making, for the sake of preserving a once-beloved cultural heritage destroyed by the globalization, corporatization and factorization of pretty much everything?

Bougie’s Golem

Former Labor head and present-day chair of the opposition, Yizhak “Bougie” Herzog, is elected to head the venerable, old Jewish Agency. But is the organization better off dead?