the promised podcast

Amazon and the Jewish Question

Amazon’s coming to Israel. It’ll bring low, low, prices. But will it replace good jobs with terrible jobs, and shutter local shops? Will it bring great deals, or just a great big deal with the devil?

Speaking Frankly

Should we say that the Eritrean and Sudanese refugees seeking to avoid deportation are like 40,000 Anne Franks? Or is that a step too far?

Abbas Unbound

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Jews have no historic links to the Holy Land, Zionism was a European Plot, and that Ben Gurion was in cahoots with Nazis. What the hell do we do with that?

Decaffeinated to Death?

Is the shuttering of literary hangout coffee shops in Tel Aviv a sign that Israeli culture is deteriorating? Or is it time for Chicken Little to switch to decaf?

“Selfie in Auschwitz”

A viral Israeli hip-hop video about Auschwitz? Can satire go past transgressive to just plain icky?

In Praise of Progressive Populism

Can leftist Bernie-Sandersian or Jeremy-Corbynian populism in Israel finally break Benjamin Netanyahu’s hold on Israeli politics?

Rachael Ray’s Rapine Recipes

Rachael Ray tweets that hummus is Israeli and is immediately flamed until she herself is golden brown. Can cuisine be colonialist?

Pascal’s Meteorology

Israel’s Minister of Agriculture sponsors a mass prayer vigil at the Western Wall to fight a four year drought. The move works – record rains immediately fall – but is that good government?


Should the very job description of the UN agency that provides aid to Palestinians be revisited and changed?

Now That’s Israeli!

We weigh in on a tricky question: “What is most Israeli?”