Low election turnout, and the decline in the old hardline Zionist ideology – The Promised Podcast‏



Allison, Don, Eilon and Noah discuss:

  • this week’s local elections, why fewer and fewer folks come out to vote in them, and what we’re voting about when we bother to vote at all, and
  • our changing attitudes towards citizens who opt out, moving to Berlin or Brooklyn, and how the shifts reflect a decline in the old, hardline Zionist ideology that once held sway here, but no longer seems to.

All this and new reads, looks and listens you might want to check out in your idle hours. Plus, three mashups by arguably the coolest (and, ironically, the hottest) DJ in Tel Aviv: Maya Jakobson.



Eyal Golan vs. Jennifer Lopez – Mi She On the Floor
Stand by me, Amy (Amy Winehouse Mashup)
The Edge Of Glory Meets Girls (Gaga / Beyonce / Timbaland mashup)


By Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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