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Allison, Eilon, Don and Noah discuss

  • The Palestinian prisoner release and whether it helps or hinders the peace process
  • Education Minister Shay Piron’s decision to start teaching first-graders about the Holocaust and carry on right through high school: Should we teach Treblinka to tots?.

The gang also chats with Knesset Member Dov Khenin about what’s up in new the legislative session, and especially the so-called “Better Governance Bill” that may change the face of Israeli politics forever, if it’s passed. Plus, the insanely great music of “Ha-Hatzer ha-Ahorit,” with lyrics by legendary songwriter Yankele Rotblit.



החצר האחורית, מקור מצטט העתק
החצר האחורית, מענה קולי
החצר האחורית, אחד משלנו
Photo by GPO


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