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Allison, Eilon, Don and Noah discuss

  • the evaporation (or evisceration) of environmental parties in the last elections – where have all the flower-lovers gone?,
  • the yawning digital divide in Israel, whether this google-gap ought to concern us
  • the primaries in the Labor Party, and why the once beloved Shelly Yacimovich is now embattled.

Plus, the alt/folk music of Botimzog.



בותימזוג – צווחת העיט בנקיק
בותימזוג – בונגוס חם
בותימזוג – לוכד החלומות
בותימזוג – פתטי
Photo by אדיר-מתן אוזן [CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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