The “Vision, Fission and Derision” Edition – The Promised Podcast‏



Eilon, Noah and The Times of Israel’s Miriam Herschlag discuss (1) the sad passing of Nelson Mandela, and Israel’s ambivalent relationship to him, (2) former MK Avraham Burg’s spilling the beans that Israel has nukes, (3) the brouhaha over vegan activist, Gary Yourofsky. All this and grunge by Left, in honor of their new album.



The Band: Left (in honor of the release of their latest album, Left II)

The Songs:

Don’t Ever Say (Album: Left II)
Waiting on the Sun (Album: Here for Now)
2 (Album: EP-Alone)
Matter Of Control (Album: Left II)

Photo By United States Department of Energy, via Wikimedia Commons


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